BRITTANY CURRAN at 32nd Annual “Young Artist Awards”

Sorry for the lack updates, I was on a schooltrip in Madrid!! But I’ve got a lot of news!! First, I have finally a great header!! Like it?!

Second, do you remember Brittany Curran was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ROLE IN A TV SERIES COMEDY OR DRAMA for her performance in Men of a Certain Age?

The Award Ceremony took place in Sportsmen’s Lodge, Studio City, Ca. on Sunday March 13 & I have some photos to show you!

Last but not least, some pictures of a recent photo shoot :]

Ah, before I forget, Brittany is feeling much better since her accident. She has been going to therapy for her back 2-3 times per week. The insurance company collision center determined the car was totally destroyed and cannot be fixed. Now Brittany has to buy a new car but the important is her health :]

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