BRITTANY CURRAN at 32nd Annual “Young Artist Awards”

Sorry for the lack updates, I was on a schooltrip in Madrid!! But I’ve got a lot of news!! First, I have finally a great header!! Like it?!

Second, do you remember Brittany Curran was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ROLE IN A TV SERIES COMEDY OR DRAMA for her performance in Men of a Certain Age?

The Award Ceremony took place in Sportsmen’s Lodge, Studio City, Ca. on Sunday March 13 & I have some photos to show you!

Last but not least, some pictures of a recent photo shoot :]

Ah, before I forget, Brittany is feeling much better since her accident. She has been going to therapy for her back 2-3 times per week. The insurance company collision center determined the car was totally destroyed and cannot be fixed. Now Brittany has to buy a new car but the important is her health :]

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Weekend in Hollywood

A great weekend for Brittany!
She went to the “I Have A Dream Foundation” event in Hollywood.
The organization sets up mentors for children who help guide their lives and be a positive influence. Brittany is a mentor to  9 year old girl Jessica! Brittany will also be involved in the organization this year!

The event honored the good work of TNT president Michael Wright with their Dream Keeper Award. Here is a quote from his speech

Mrs Robertson …That english teacher - who also pushed me, and was hard on me …did something that I think all great teachers do. SHE FIRED MY IMAGINATION. She put a dream in my head and told me it was ok to believe in it …she gave me permission to dream.”

Click here to check some pictures of the event!

What do you think of Lucy Tranelli, Brittany’s character in MOACA? Tell us here & check MOACA message board on TNT :]

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Brittany’s accident :S

That’s sadly true, Brittany had a car accident a few days ago, someone hit her from behind. The car is gone & her elbow and neck are sore but she’s fortunately okay :) I was so scared when I read that! Tweet Brittany you are with her! :]

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Oscars! :]

Have you got Facebook guys?!

If yes, go like the new official page of Brittany Curran! Just click here :]

Don’t forget to check some beautiful pictures taken at the Oscars! Click here :)


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Nomination for Brittany :)

Great news guys!! Brittany was nominated in the category of BEST PERFORMANCE IN A TV SERIES for the Young Artist Awards!! Wohooo, I’m excited! You can see the screen I take from the site :3 & check also two new exclusives photos I posted here:]

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Pics :]

New great pics are coming for you!
Brittany headed to the Grammy Red Carpet event at The Key Club in Hollywood.
She took a beautiful picture with Little JJ from the show Me!
Want to know how to play a giant guitar?!
Brittany teaches you! lol

With my friend Little JJ at a Grammy Red Carpet event at The ... on Twitpic

Me playing a GIANT guitar in West Hollywood!!!! on Twitpic

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Great week for Brittany!

She had a movie audition for a featurefilm tuesday February 8th & we’re waiting Tuesday for the callback from a BIG director/produder! We wish her the best & hope for the role!
Meanwhile, check this pictures Brittany posted on her Twitpic! :]

This is me with a little pig in Burbank! on Twitpic

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Updates :]

Well, I added new fantastic exclusives photos, check them HERE :3

Go watch now the new special MOACA episode called “The Bad Guy”
Why special? Because Brittany aka Lucy Tranelli is in! You can’t miss it!

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Brittany at Ashley Argota’s Party!

Brittany attended to Ashley Argota’s 18 b-day party last night (January 29)
She was beautiful with her Rush Coutore t-shirt and Betsey Johnson skinny jeans! At the party she found a lot of Disney friends & co-stars like Madison Pettis, Daniella Monet, Debby Ryan etc…
The celebrated received from Brittany a beautiful Betsey Johnson necklace (you can find an example here)
Do you like Brittany’s clothing? :]

For my DM friend who asked I'm wearing a Rush Coutore t-... on Twitpic ...and a front view DM friend!! LOL, these pics just happened... on Twitpic

This girl near Brittany is called Star’s stalker, her name is Sarah. She was at the party too & she took a photo with Brittany so here it is! :3

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Brittany tweeted twice about the fan page!! I’m so glad she likes it & I hope you all likes the page because I put my whole heart! <3

Brittany tweeted twice about the fan page!! I’m so glad she likes it & I hope you all likes the page because I put my whole heart! <3


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